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Elden Ring is set in a vast fantasy world of monstrosities and wonders, and no, it's not Ohio.

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Where does Elden Ring take place? What does it mean to be cloudy? What is thatold ringLola what do you need to know? With time to set up the story, set up and deal with it all, we reached out to Elden Ring to help him understand the story a little better. Don't worry, this is more about explaining the game's setting - there really aren't any spoilers to deal with here, we're just putting its frantic dragon fights and knight duels into context and helping to explain the cinematic intro and setting. small.

Oh, and before we go down the rabbit hole, we should emphasize that this is just a glimpse into the core premise of Elden Ring, the cryptically impenetrable FromSoftware games being what they are. In fact, you may find that your own interpretation of the Elden Ring story changes as you play, leading you to different conclusions. Anyway, here's an explanation ofwhere elden ring takes place, to diebasic knowledge, is thatto be worried means.

Where is the Elden Ring?

Where Elden Ring takes place and the story is explained (2)

The world of the Elden Ring is called the Lands Between, a great kingdom ruled by demigods and blessed by the power of the Elden Ring and the Tree of Earth. One meme you may have seen joked that the Elden Ring is actually located in the state of Ohio, but unsurprisingly, that's incorrect. The lands of the Midlands are simply a vast mystical continent surrounded by water. we found themElden Ring Map Fragments, then take a look at the country location.

The Lands Between and World of Elden Ring are new and separate from FromSoftware's previous titles. While Hidetaka Miyazaki and the FromSoftware team were still developing the world, George R.R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series that formed the basis of Game of Thrones, was also hired to help develop Help World and Myth. by Elden Ring.

You, the player, begin your journey through the Elden Ring in a southern region known as the Limgrave, a relatively beautiful area of ​​grassy plains, glens, forests, cliffs, and ancient ruins. As you explore, you'll eventually find the disease-ridden region of Caelid, filled with undead horrors, the misty swamps of Liurnia, and many other diverse regions with their own environments and creatures.

What is the story of Elden Ring?

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The basics of the Elden Ring story is that the Midlands were blessed by the Great Will (an unknown type of god obsessed with order over chaos) who sent the Elden Ring, a magic item that the Midlands used as they saw fit. The Elden Ring was housed in a huge, ghostly golden tree known as the Earth Tree. With this power, the Earth Tree was able to bless the land and its inhabitants with the grace of the Elden Ring, creating an incredibly ordered reality.

The Midlands were ruled by Queen Marika of the Eternals, a being chosen by the Great Will who acted as guardian and guardian of the Elden Ring and had countless children. She also intentionally changed it and removed the destined death rune, making everyone immortal under the mercy of the Elden Ring. All humans were affected in this way, but the Elden Ring and Erdtree seemed to reject some of them and mark them corrupted for exile. They still couldn't die, but somehow they were branded as unworthy.

Marika had two husbands at different times during her reign: Godfrey, who desecrated himself and went into exile, then Radagon, the mysterious red-haired warrior. These two men became Elden Lords and gained much godly power through this union with Marika; indeed, although Marika is an extremely powerful being, her consorts, also known as Elden Lords, appear to be nearly as powerful as she is.

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Where Elden Ring takes place and the story is explained (4)

Main Bosses of Elden Ring

Where Elden Ring takes place and the story is explained (5)

Want to know all the mandatory?Main Bosses of Elden RingDo you have an advantage and how can you beat them? Click the link to find out!

However, the Elden Ring was later broken into several Major Runes after an event called The Night of the Black Knives, in which a clan of mysterious assassins killed several of Marika's demigod children. A terrible war called Shattering broke out among the surviving demigods, triggered when someone attacked and damaged the Elden Ring, further altering reality and endangering Greater Will's worldview. Marika disappeared without warning and has not been seen since without the rest of the world having any idea or understanding where she had gone.

The end result of the war was a stalemate between numerous factions: many of the major demigods plundered the Greater Runes from the corrupted Elden Ring, but none rose to power to replace Marika (something certain powerful demigods known as Empyreans can do). ) or to become the next consort aka a new Elden Lord (which anyone could do). This meaningless compromise resulted in the partial disappearance of the Elden Ring's blessings from the heartlands, and centuries later, the Tainted are called from the Tree of Earth to attempt to break the stalemate. The Great Will does not like this lukewarm state, and by failing to rise to power, every demigod in existence has shown why they are not worthy of becoming Lords, or even new Empyrean ships to replace Marika.

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And you are one of those lower pollutants. In Elden Ring, you play as an initially insignificant character in a world full of monsters and demigods, all fighting for control of the Midlands. It's your job to explore the world, gain strength and fight or ally with those you meet to bring about a new order by collecting the Great Runes. In doing so, you have the chance to mend the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord, changing the world to reflect the ideals and desires of the side you work with.

Of course, there is much more behind the story. As with FromSoftware's previous titles, Elden Ring's story is shrouded in mystery, and part of your mission is to collect cryptic information from the environment, items found, and characters you encounter throughout the world to learn more about the big picture. .

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Who are the Tainted in Elden Ring?

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Now that you know where Elden Ring is set and what the story is, it's important to know who you're playing as: a Tainted. Anyone banished from the Midlands for losing the guidance of the Tree of Earth's grace after the Shattering is known as "Tainted". Your character has now been called upon by the Elden Ring and Earthtree to try and end the conflict and can once again see Grace's guidance leading him back to the mid-lands.

With this new power, it's practically your job to try to gather the Great Runes. However, in order to develop the strength and power to do so, she also needs the guidance of a Finger Maiden. For the first hour of gameplay, you'll be "virginal" - another Elden Ring meme you may have seen before - meaning you lack leadership and the ability to turn your runes into power. You'll eventually meet Melina, who will offer you a deal to become her servant and allow you to level up your runes.

On your travels through the Elden Ring Lands Between, you encounter many other Tainted Heroes, especially in Roundtable Hold, a sanctuary for the Tainted outside the Lands Between, but obviously it is you who must become the next Elden Lord. If you want something done right, do it yourself, right?

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Where Elden Ring takes place and the story is explained (8)

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