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Differences from Catholic lectionaries

The Bible Episode 1 at the beginning of Season 1

for their usage differs somewhat in wording from the versions of the Bible on which they are based. Many liturgies, including the , omit some verses from the scripture readings used.

Another difference concerns the use of .it appears in some translations of the Bible as well as throughout the Old Testament. Long-standing Jewish and Christian tradition holds that out of reverence the name should not be pronounced in worship or printed in liturgical texts. A 2008 letter expressly forbids the use of the name in cult texts, stating: “For the translation of the biblical text into modern languages ​​intended for the liturgical use of the Church, as already stated in No. 41 of the Instructionmust be followed, that is, the divine tetragram must be translated with the equivalent of /lord, signore, seigneur, lord, lord, etc.”

Only one lectionary is currently in use that corresponds exactly to a printed translation of the Catholic Bible: the lectionary, based on the in approved for liturgical use and from the first in.

In 2007 he published the CTS New Catholic Bible, the original text of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible, revised according to the guidelines of and for use in the lectionaries in most English-speaking countries.

The Biblical Episode: Passion

On Easter Day, Caiaphas tells Pilate that Jesus' execution is necessary to keep the peace, and the disciples experience the horror of watching Jesus' crucifixion. When he dies the sky will still be dark, those with faith will soon be rewarded.

Watch the Bible on the History Channel

The Bible was a successful miniseries that aired on the History Channel. It originally aired between March 3 and March 31, 2013 in the United States. The show contained several episodes based on Bible stories and notable events from the life of Jesus Christ.

The show's creators include Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who also served as executive producers alongside Richard Bedser and Adam Reed. The cast includes some famous actors like Diogo Morgado, Downey as Mary Magdalene, James Callis as John the Apostle, Mehdi Ouazanni and others.

If you're interested in watching this miniseries, you can watch it on streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, where it's available to buy and rent respectively - just visit their websites for more details on what they're offering.

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The Bible Series: Hope

In Roman-occupied Jerusalem, people long for a messiah. Then Mary is surprised to learn that she will give birth to a son of God. King Herod rages over the baby usurping his throne, and John the Baptist prepares the people for the greatest leader yet to come.

How to Watch Christian Bible Series Online for Free

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Here's how to watch the Bible series online for free

There are several ways to view the Bible series online. You can watch it on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more! This is how to do it:

  • Watch the Bible Series on Netflix

Netflix offers a free trial that allows you to stream your content for free for the first month of your subscription. If you enjoy watching their TV shows and movies as much as I do, it's worth signing up for their free trial as they offer so many different media genres, including documentaries about biblical times called The Bible. To sign up for the Netflix free trial, click here

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Differences from other Christian Bibles

The Bibles used by Catholics differ in the number and order of books from those normally found in , as Catholic Bibles retain in their canon seven books that are considered non-canonical in Protestantism. Thus his canon of Old Testament texts is somewhat larger than in the translations used by Protestants, which usually rely exclusively on the shorter texts, e.g. On the other hand, their canon, which does not accept all the books contained in the Septuagint, is shorter than that of some churches in and , which recognize other books as scriptures. According to the Greek Orthodox Church, “The translation of the Seventies for the Church was the Apostolic Bible to which the Lord and His disciples refer. As the indivisible Church Bible of the first eight centuries, it enjoys divine authority and prestige. It represents the Old Testament, the official text of our Orthodox Church and continues to be the authentic text from which the official Old Testament translations of the other sister Orthodox Churches were made, it was and has been the divine instrument of pre-Christian evangelization and the basis of Orthodox theology “.

He generally regards it as part of the , the final chapter of the , and accepts the "Books of the Maccabees" as four in number, but generally places it in an appendix.

The Bible sequence: Home

In the Promised Land, Joshua takes over Jericho, but later leaders are less focused. Samson faces the Philistines, but by the time of the prophet Samuel the Israelites are demanding a king. God allows it, and Saul is anointed king, but another man is waiting in the wings.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Watching Bible Series on Pure Flix


The Bible is full of powerful real life stories and inspiration that can really guide us on our life journey. And if you're looking for a resource to help you develop your faith while experiencing stunning visual representations of what unfolds in the Old and New Testaments, then look no further than The Bible Series.

to the Bible seriesIt's a 10 hour experienceStream now on Pure Flix! The show, which originally premiered on the History Channel, is a drama in which the producers breathe new visual life into sacred biblical texts.


The full biblical story is told in The Bible series, and the show covers key events from Genesis to Revelation.

Want a preview of The Bible series? You were lucky! Check out the descriptions of all 10 episodes to get a better picture of this immersive viewing experience:

The Biblical Episode: In the Beginning

The Bible Episode 01 – In the Beginning

From the perfect beginning, humanity falters and God sends a devastating deluge. The biblical series shows how Noah's descendant Abraham is promised a people of his own, but his wife is barren. All of this tests Abraham's faith as he learns what God is asking of him.

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The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

season 1vona biblehas 10 episodes. Because different Netflix countries have different episode availability, you'll need to check the episode listing below to see which are available in the US.

You can also click an episode below to learn more about which countries Netflix is ​​available in.

Noah endures God's wrath and Abraham reaches the promised land, but he still has to prove his faith in God.

One Story Many Styles

The Bible can be divided into several categories of writing. About 43% of the Bible consists of narratives, ranging from historical narratives to parables. About 33% of the Bible is poetry, including songs, reflective poetry, and the impassioned and politically defiant poetry of the prophets. The remaining 24% of the Bible is prose, including laws, sermons, letters, and even an essay.

The Bible is an ancient Jewish collection of sacred literature composed of many different literary styles. Each biblical book uses a combination of all literary styles to make its unique contribution to biblical history. First, let's take a look at the storytelling style of storytelling.

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The Biblical Episode: Exodus

The Israelites are slaves in Egypt and Moses discovers that God wants him to set them free. Trust in God but Pharaoh refuses to let her go. Then an amazing miracle allows Moses to lead the Israelites into the wilderness, where God promises them a land of their own.

The History Channels The Urbanfaithcom Bible Series

Where can I watch the Bible Miniseries? - BibleTalkClub.net (2)

The History Channels The UrbanFaith.com Bible Series

The History Channels Bible Miniseries is a 10-hour television event on DVD and Blu-ray that tells the story of the entire Bible in chronological order. It stars Roma Downey as Mary and Mark Burnett as God. From the Garden of Eden to the death and resurrection of Jesus, this awe-inspiring spectacle takes you through a thousand years of biblical history. Includes never-before-seen footage and interviews with scholars from around the world!

The series premiered on March 3, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. M. ET/PT, with each episode following a different character or story as it moves through time. The first season mainly focused on Adam and Eve created by God and their sons Cain and Abel.

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The Bible Series: Kingdom

King Saul learns too late the importance of obeying God. We also see David defeating Goliath and winning the hearts of the people. But his thirst for more is his downfall, for David's journey is complicated. He takes Jerusalem and then his best friend's wife. As we see in the Bible series, Jerusalem's golden age is fleeting.


The Bible Series: Mission

Jesus' disciples shared joy at his miracles, but not all rejoiced at his message. Everyone is trying to understand and understand what kind of leader Jesus is. They ask themselves, "Who is this man who can heal the sick and raise the dead?" The strongest storm is brewing and no one could have guessed what was coming.

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Die Bibelfolge: Mut

Believing that Jesus is with them, Peter is empowered to spread his message. But Paul becomes the greatest messenger of all, taking the Word to the heart of the Roman world and converting countless followers to faith. The word lives.

That ends our special guide to the Bible series. We hope you will consider itStream this powerful show on Pure Flix now. Don't have a subscription? No problem! Taketry it for free today!

childhood and upbringing

AD: The Bible Goes On | Puro Flix official trailer

David was born on June 4, 1956 in New York and grew up there. His mother, Dolores, was a manager at , and his father, Lester Williams, worked as a payroll manager.

He first wanted to be an actor after acting in a school playand left to study in Manhattan. He attended the drama department and graduated in 1979.

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The Bible sequence: Survive

The warnings of the prophet Jeremiah are ignored and the people are unable to stop the Babylonian invasion. Without a city or a temple, people must learn to have God in their hearts. But after years in exile, Daniel may prove to be her salvation.

The Sacrifice of Isaac: The Biblical Miniseries

In abandoning "viewer discretion," Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's new TV miniseries The Bible is consistent with what was described to me on the phone last week. This is not "Grandmother's Bible". The husband and wife production team didn't want to do a "donkey and sandalwood experience," but wanted to take a truly dramatic look at what the men and women of the Bible went through as they followed God. From the looks of the first two episodes of this 10 hour series, they don't. Today's episodes "In the Beginning" and "Exodus" follow the biblical story recorded in the Book of Genesis. The common thread connecting Noah and his ark, a reminder of the fall of Adam and Eve and the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, is that God asks his people to trust him. Unfortunately, we missed the incredible Jose's story to boil it down to two hours. But as the executive producers told me, this series is meant to be simply an introduction to the Bible, a foretaste of what the Scriptures say. The Bible is well written and covers much, and these snippets of God's history set the stage for what is to come. The first episode "In the Beginning" involves God's judgment on creation through a great flood. Abraham, the father of many peoples, was born through Noah. Abraham, an imperfect man, wants to remain faithful to God. Her final test comes when she is asked to sacrifice her son, a poignant foreshadowing of God's own sacrifice as recorded in the New Testament.

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