Elden Ring: How to Win the Lichdragon Fortissax Boss Fight (2023)

Emchange ringANDFight the Boss Lichdragon Forissaxis a secret battle that you can unlock by progressing through the Ranni and Fia questlines. It's a pretty tough challenge to pit you against a dragon imbued with lightning that will also try to boost your death stat. In this guide, we provide tips on how to do this.How to defeat Lichdragon Forissax in Elden RingThis is how you can secure the Prince of Death's repair rune and unlock an alternate ending for the game.

Elden Ring: How to Win the Lichdragon Fortissax Boss Fight

Elden Ring: How to Win the Lichdragon Fortissax Boss Fight (1)

Lichdragon Forissax is located in Deeproot Depths and is the final boss in the Fia questline. You must also be advanced enough in the Ranni quest to unlock the God Tower of Limgrave Deathmark curse. This, in turn, is only possible after Starscourge Radahn has been defeated in Caelid. It takes a lot of work, but you can follow ourFia missions guide yesterdayto complete all steps.

After giving Fia the curse sign on the Prince of Death's throne in Deeproot Depths, you need to talk to her several times and rest in the Place of Grace until she falls asleep. You can then interact with his body to teleport to the Lichdragon Fortissax boss fight. This is a tough fight that we don't recommend until you're level 80-90.

Important Tips for Lichdragon Forissax Boss Fight

Increases Lightning Resistance and Vitality: The vast majority of Lichdragon Forissax's moves deal physical and electrical damage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to equip armor with increased lightning resistance. Same goes for a shield if you use one. The Talisman of the Pearl Dragon (found through thethe first of the portals of the four bell towers) or Pearldrake Talisman +1 (found in a stone sword cave in Mt. Gelmir) provides a very useful boost here.

Several Lichdragon Forissax attacks will also leave clouds of death in their wake. When this meter fully accumulates, you die instantly. To avoid this, we recommend equipping armor or consuming items that increase Vitality, the stat that determines your resistance to instant death. It is recommended to equip the Prince of Death Pustule or the Prince of Death Cyst Talisman (found on a nearby Runebear in Deeproot Depths).

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Avoid taking Holy or Lightning damage: As the Lichdragon boss Forissax is partially made of lightning, he is particularly resistant to lightning damage. Holy is also heavily negated, so avoid bringing her into battle if possible. Faith builds would do well to equip a power or dexterity scaling weapon here without applying Holy to it.

Use Ranged or Resistant Spiritual Ash: Lichdragon Forissax deals massive damage quickly, which means he will likely take down any summons you throw into the fight very quickly. You'll have time to safely summon from the start of the fight, so we recommend bringing harder Ashes like Enhanced Mimic Tear or Lhutel the Headless. Alternatively, if you're primarily a melee build, you can use ranged Ashes like Twin Marionette Soldiers to blast Forissax with attacks as it moves around the arena. Just try to get their attention or you'll find they're quickly wiped out.

Mages can keep their distance:Sorcery is quite effective against Forissax, meaning pure magical constructs can keep their distance and unleash powerful attacks from afar. Allow your spirit ash to distract the boss, then charge up powerful moves like Loretta's Mastery, Rock Sling, Stars of Ruin, or Comet of Azur to deal damage.

Elden Ring: How to Win the Lichdragon Fortissax Boss Fight (3)

Attack on hind legs quickly: For melee and mixed builds, the Lichdragon Forissax boss fight will likely become a damage race. As long as he's at a decent level, he should be able to do some serious damage if he hits the boss, but he'll hurt you badly in return.

Try to go under the creature to hit its hind legs. It's hard to see what attacks are coming when you're under the boss, so get your healing flasks ready and attack as fast as you can, just back off when the dragon takes flight or prepare fire - or lightning - attacks.

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Pay attention to brightness: Most of Lichdragon Forissax's lightning moves are signaled by a red glow that appears on the ground under its front paws. If you're a melee build, try to keep an eye on this tip and use it as a hint to back off and prepare to dodge.

Lichdragon Forissax moves cautiously

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As a dragon, Lichdragon Forissax has many basic moves that you will already recognize. The only ones to watch out for are your rays. We cover most of the new moves below:

Opening Salvo:Right at the beginning of the fight, the boss will roar and summon lightning on the ground in front of him. They leave lingering clouds of death where they hit, but none should reach their launch position. Use this time to summon your Spiritual Ashes, apply buffs, or charge up a powerful ranged spell. The melee builds must then fly through the clouds to reach Forissax on the other side. Avoid stopping to fight in the midst of the clouds of death.

Responder:If you touch Lichdragon Forissax while he is enveloped in lightning, you will see a red static charge build up on your character. After about 2.5 seconds, it leaves a trail on the ground and explodes in quick succession. It's stressful, but it's actually pretty easy to dodge.

As long as you're running when the lightning strikes the ground, it won't hit you. You can also dodge the roll or use a move attack to move out of the damage area once the beam drops to the ground.

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Lightning strikes: Lichdragon Forissax raises one of its front paws before unleashing a wave of lightning. This attack mostly occurs when facing Forissax. The paw hits physically, but the attack leaves behind a bolt of lightning that explodes shortly after. If you're guarding, wait the two hits before moving again. Dodge back to avoid dodging the second explosion on the way.

lightning waves: Lichdragon Forissax rears up on its hind legs before charging, sending large waves of lightning in three directions. When you're up close, this can be extremely difficult to avoid. Look for the telltale glow and back off before dodging the waves.

Quick Dive: Forissax leaps into the air and summons his Lightning Spear in one hand before landing and spinning 180° with a massive slash. When Forissax leaps into the air, he performs this move, whether it's a Dive Slam or a Fire Breath Dash. Either way, he runs forward to get under Forissax. If you run hard enough, he'll miss the beam when he turns around. Otherwise, you'll have to dodge the punch or shield him when he lands to avoid massive damage.

Lichdragon Forissax rewards

Elden Ring: How to Win the Lichdragon Fortissax Boss Fight (5)

If you manage to defeat this extremely metallic lightning and death dragon, you will receive the following Lichdragon Forissax rewards:

  • 90,000 Reason
  • Memory of the Dragon of Light

The latter can be traded with Fingerreader Enia in Roundtable Hold for Fortissax's Lightning Spear and Death Lightning spells. Alternatively, you can sell it for another 30,000 runes. After returning from the arena, you can collect the Prince of Death Mending rune from Fia's body, which can be used later to unlock the end of the Duskborn Era.

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That's all we can teach you how to beat Lichdragon Forissax in Elden Ring. It's a tough fight, but it tends to end quickly one way or another. After taking it out, you can alsoComplete D's quest following Fia's questto obtain the Inseparable Sword.

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