Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (2023)

Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (1)

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"Elden Ring" conquered the world and exceeded all expectations with its extremepositive evaluation resultsmitopping the UK boxing charts, which is 26% higher than units sold at Dark Souls 3's launch. All of which means that more players than expected are exploring the Midlands and fighting their way through FromSoftware's boss battles. It also means that more people will be aware of how side quests work in these types of games. Side quests in FromSoftware's games can be a bit stubborn when it comes to making proper progress, and sometimes players find themselves with puzzles they can't solve. A perfect example of this is the Carian Study Hall puzzle, which requires a specific item to progress.

Of course, the advantage of this type of game design means that it exists.many mysteries for players to discover naturally, which makes for a nice experience. However, if this is his first Soullike experience and he's stuck, here's how to solve the mystery of Karian's study room.

Two versions of the Carian Study Hall

Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (2)

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Elden Ring players should first familiarize themselves with the standard version of Carian Study Hall. The Study Hall is located directly to the east of Raya Lucaria Academy, where a small island branches out into the sea. Once there, players must go through the first room and find an elevator at the end. Players must battle the tutor Miriam and her necromancy. This fight spans down a flight of stairs, across a bridge, and onto a circular balcony area. After defeating Miriam, players will need to explore a bit.

In the area outside the circular balcony, players will find the Carian Glintstone Staff, an excellent weapon for spellcasters. If players use a ladder to climb onto the rafters above the balcony, players will also find the Cerulean Seed Talisman, which increases the amount of FP recovered by consuming the FP Bottle (also great for magic users).

The most important thing is that there is a pedestal in the first room of aKarischer study room, where an element can be placed. Using this will reveal the inverted version of the tower, but you'll need to find the necessary item first.

The Ranni Witch Hunt

Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (3)

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To obtain the item required for progression, players must complete the first half of therani a bruxaquestline do, which will include a bit of adventure. The first thing you need to do is head to Caria Manor, located in the northwestern part of Liurnia.

After entering the mansion and going through a group of sentient hands, players battle the royal knight Loretta. After you defeat Loretta, an area called The Three Sisters will open up. The players want to go to the central tower, Ranni's Rise. At the top of the tower, Ranni will ask you to serve her and you mustreach an agreementto do that. After speaking with his team and meeting Ranni once more, players are tasked with finding the region known as Nokron, the Eternal City.

Players must defeat General Radahn, the Shardbearer on Caelid, to reach Nokron. But this is easier said than done.

Radahn Boss Fight Tips

Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (4)

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FailureGeneral Radahnon Caelid is a necessary step, as Nokron cannot be accessed until he is defeated. Unfortunately, this boss fight is one of the most difficult in the game, especially since the cheat it's designed into means the outcome seems to be out of your hands. In this fight, there are several golden summon tokens placed around the boss arena. Summoning not only diverts Radahn's attention away from you, but also deals a fair amount of damage to him. They can also be resumed when killed, so keep an eye out for the gold tokens.

As for his personal role in this fight, as a ranged attacker, the best thing to do is keep your distance and deal damage from afar until he goes down. When he turns his attention back to you, drive through the torrent until he kills NPCs again. For melee builds, your best plan of attack is to mount Torrent and try to get under his ass to attack. Of course it would be great ifTorrent can still attack as the developers originally intended, Is not true?

Radahn is fast and hits hard, so you have to be alert. He also has a one-shot meteor attack that he uses when he gets down to half health on him, so avoid it as much as possible. Blood Leak is very effective against Radahn, so using a weapon with built-in bleed effects or using Blood Leak Fat is your best bet. As a post in "Elden Ring"Redditdiscussed, this fight really feels more like a matter of luck than skill.

Nokron's Treasure

Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (5)

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After Radahn is defeated, a star falls on Limgrave, leaving a large hole in the ground. This crater can be reached by fast traveling to Limgrave and then heading towards any rocks floating above the lake.

Drop down the platform into the hole to enter Nokron. While this is the town in question, you'll need to navigate this section and enter a courtyard. From there, head to an alley that seems to lead to a cliff and jump down. you will find yourself inmimic tearBoss Fight where you have to fight a duplicate of yourself armed with the same equipment as you.

After hitting your double, head across the bridge until you can jump down into a wooded and grassy area on the left side of the area. From there, keep left and hug the wall until you find an opening that leads you to a Grace Site. From there you can see a series of buildings that resemble the courtyard area. Now jump to the roof.

You will have to navigate across the rooftops until you reach an archway that crosses a street. The building with Nokron is on your left, but if you go through the arch, there is a locked room in the church. Open it with a Stonesword and you'll find the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash, which you can use to summon a copy of yourself. Then return to Ranni's Rise, where you will be rewarded with the inverted statue of Carian. that's justhalfof your search, but now you have the specific item needed to navigate Karian Study Hall.

Reverse Carian Study Room

Elden Ring: How to Solve the Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle - SVG (6)

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Head back to Carian Study Hall where you can finally place the statue in its proper place. This flips the building upside down, meaning you can now walk and navigate through much tighter spaces. You must also defeat the tutor Miriamagain, although she does not have so many places to run. After taking out the enemies in the area, you need to start going down. Jump up to the chandeliers and then down to some beams. Below you will find an elevator.

the elevator takes youLiurnia Divine Tower, where you have to fight against the noble Godskin. falls completelyNoble Divine Skin Armor Set, which looks pretty ugly but has solid stats. Continue towards the tower, where you will also find theLegacy of the StargazerIt's indeath curse. Death's Curse Mark is a necessary item to continue the Ranni's side quest, while Stargazer's Heirloom is a solid talisman for magic users.


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