Elden Ring: How to Defeat Lichdragon Forissax (2023)

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Lightning, Death and Dragon! Find out everything you need to know about the Lichdragon Forissax in the Elden Ring.

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Lichdrache Fortissaxis a legendary boss inalter Ring. A giant black dragon with four wings on its back that you can find by locating Fia in the worlddeep depthsafter advancing your questline to its natural end. Although it is an optional boss, it is necessary to face it to "twilight age"Completion.

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This boss has an arsenal of lightning attacks that can do some serious damage if you're not careful, but overall it's a relatively easy kill once you've defeated several other dragons and mastered the typical strategy. Here's everything you need to know about the Lichdragon Forissax.


Lichdragon Forissax: Overview

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(Video) Lichdragon Fortissax SECRET BOSS (Deeproot Depths) - Full Narrated Boss Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

Lichdragon Forissax Summary


deep depths


Yes (required for "twilight age"Completion)


Ashes of players and ghosts


  • 90,000 Reason
  • Lichdragon's memory

weak against

physical push attacks

Lichdragon Forissax is in Deep Root Depths and the closest place of mercy is "Prince of the Death Throne." This boss fight is completely optional, but you must complete Fia's quest line and defeat this boss to get the Age of Duskborn ending in the game.

Talk to Fia and exhaust all of her dialogue options after battling Fia champions in the same arena.. This will allow you to enter the Deathbed Dream where the fight will take place. You can summon players online and use Spirit Ashes to help in this boss fight.

Forissax, on the other hand, is relatively weakphysical push attacks. enterspush the gunoder Heavy Thrusting Weapon ist hier ideal.

Defeating the boss will grant you a huge one90.000 Rode, and since the boss is a legend, you'll get his as wellStorage. Souvenir delivery toenia Fingerscannerin Roundtable Hold you can purchaseForissax Lightning Spearor thedeath rayEnchantment.

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Lichdragon Forissax: Attacks

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Lichdragon Forissax has a variety of different lightning attacks that he uses during combat. Death Lightning and Fortissax' Lightning Spear are some of the attacks to watch out for as they can be deadly if they hit you.

(Video) How To Defeat Lichdragon Fortissax - Elden Ring Boss Gameplay Guide

Lichdragon Forissax attacks

lightning handshake

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The boss imbues its claw with lightning and slams the ground once or twice. These attacks cause a small burst of AOE lightning on impact.

Bank: Roll to where the claw is coming from to avoid the attack. Get ready to face the boss to see if he's going to go ahead with another attack or not.

scan back

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Whenever you are next to the boss, he will swing his claw to the side and knock you down.

Bank: Watch out for this attack while standing next to it and roll towards the boss when you see the animation start.

flying breath of fire

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Lichdragon Forissax flies through the air, spewing fire onto the ground below.

Bank: You can either roll behind the boss or run away to keep enough distance from the flames.

dive air

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The boss flies through the air and dives, hitting the ground.

Bank: Keep an eye on the boss while he's in the air and roll sideways once he lands.

Forissax Lightning Spear

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(Video) Elden Ring - Lichdragon Fortissax Location Guide & Boss Fight (How to Find Lichdragon Fortissax)

Lichdragon Forissax summons two electric spears, one in each claw. The boss then stabs the lightning spears one at a time into the area where the player is standing. The spears also cause a large burst of AoE lightning.

Bank: Face the boss when he summons the spears, then roll towards the dragon when he sticks the spear into the ground. Roll a few more times to avoid the AoE beam.


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The boss raises his head and lets lightning spread around him like a wave.

Bank: You can move a little further away from the boss when you see the animation, or roll on the waves to avoid him.

death ray

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Lichdragon Forissax raises his head and summons multiple Death Rays throughout the arena. They deal low damage but increase kill stack, resulting in instant death. The killing field persists for a short time after the attack.

Bank: You can see lightning, so avoid these areas.

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Lichdragon Forissax: Strategies

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There are two main strategies to approach this fight:

melee strategy

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For the melee strategy, you just have to go under the boss and attack as much as possible. Dodging most attacks as a melee can be tricky as you only deal good damage on the ground.

Although,This also obstructs your frontal view of the boss and obscures the animation that the boss is performing.. With this strategy, the boss will not use his sweep or slash attacks, instead he will fly up and attack you or summon a lightning wave to knock you down.

(Video) EASIEST Boss in Elden Ring!? Lichdragon Fortissax - How to Cheese Easily

It is recommended to bring thrusting weapons to this fight.They deal heavy damage to the boss and have good range., so you can get your legs out of the way.

distance strategy

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For ranged strategy, we recommend ranged spells or enchantments.The boss is strong against Holy and Lightning attacks or spells, so this fight can be much more challenging for Faith builds than Intelligence builds..

spell likeHonda de roca,blue pipe, Ofrain starsare good options.

Summoning an online player or Ghost Ash Tank can help you split the boss's aggression. This allows you to send spells while the boss focuses on the enemy in front of him.Shabriri's misfortuneIt is a good talisman for the online player you are calling for help as it increases threat generation.

Keeping your distance from the boss will also allow you to avoid most of his lightning attacks.

If you're having trouble defeating the boss, fear not. You can also make use ofCerulean Hidden Tear. Use this in yourwonderful mugI will give youUnlimited FP for a limited time. When the fight starts you have to distance yourself from the boss.Make sure you have a summons so the boss focuses on them..

After you reach the maximum distance from Comet Azur, use the Wondrous Flask and aim Comet Azur at the boss.This spell can last over ten seconds before it starts consuming 40 FP every second.. This deals incredibly high damage and melts the boss in seconds.

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General information

Elden Ring: How to Defeat Lichdragon Forissax (17)

The creators of Elden Ring hope that this will expand the Dark Souls fanbase.

  • Be level 95-100 or higher.
  • Try to bring two thrusting weapons and use them twice so you can take advantage of the boss's main weakness.
  • It is advisable to equip talismans or enchantments that can nullify the damage received per lightning bolt.
  • Don't block the boss during the fight as it can be difficult to follow the camera, especially when the dragon is flying.
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