Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (2023)

If you've been following the construction of Fe in Elden Ring, you might want to learn more about thembest weaponsthis will help you on your way. The Coded Sword is an excellent weapon based on faith. The weapon requires 20 Faith to wield but deals a lot of Holy damage to do so.

The Coded Sword has a tier B scaling with Faith Stat when you get it and the scaling increases as you level up the weapon. Location of the Encrypted Sword inalter RingIt's located in Leyndell, Royal Capital and our step-by-step guide will show you how to get it.

key points

  • coded swordIt is adependent on beliefsword that requires20 Feand deals a lot of Holy damage.
  • The Encrypted Sword is inLeydell, a capital real.
  • Sincecapital local wall of Graça,head for the giantDrachenstatueand go upLeiterto get to the next location for free.
  • SinceWest Capital Rampart Place of Mercy, go to a replica orf Round tableand open thelinksDoor. Once inside, grab the coded sword from thethroneinside the hall.
  • Reaching Leyndell, The Royal Capital requires a conquestGodrick, Reinala, OfGuardian of the Dragon Tree.
  • One of the most notable advantages offered by the Encoded Sword is itsunblockable attacks,able to go through eacharmor.

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One of the best things about this sword is that you don't have to fight anythingChefsto get. The sword is in a throne room at your location. All you have to do is get through a swarm of enemies that you can sneak past. It's a pretty average gameArticlewhich you can get quickly after killing two of the bosses and one field boss.

Now that you've decided to pick up this sword, here's how to get to itLocation of the Encrypted Sword in the Elden Ring. But look again firstbuild confessorwho uses the Encrypted Sword.

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How to get a coded sword in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (1)

Leyndell is one of the toughest places on the Elden Ring. The area swarms with enemies left and right. Some of them are relatively easy to fight while others get progressively more difficult.Once in Leyndell, you can follow this guide to get the Encrypted Sword location.

Capital Rampart and West Capital Rampart

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (2)

When entering Leyndell, Royal Capital, enter the Capital Rampart Site of Grace from the northeast side. Once inside you need to climb down the walls and reach the dragon statue. Climb onto it by the wing and jump into the building. Then you have to go up the stairs and go to the Sitio de Gracia.

As we mentioned earlier, Leyndell, Royal Capital is one of the toughest locations on the Elden Ring. So, during all this you will face countless strong and weak enemies. And if you plan on fighting them, learn ithow to stopto show them who's boss. We recommend you to go through them because it will take a long time and you can die several times.

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West Capital Rampart location for Coded Sword

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (3)

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Walk straight from the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace. And then go down the stairs. And then go left outside. Here you have to jump down, so go all the way to the left and jump onto the roofHorsestable. This will prevent damage from falls. After descending, go to the right side where you will see an abandoned stable and climb on it. From there, enter the building and walk down the hallway to the door on the right.

You are now in a room with a round table. This round table is a replica of the Roundtable Hold. On the left side of the round table is a passage with a door. After opening the door you will find yourself in a room with a throne. The Encrypted Sword is on the throne of the Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (4)
Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (5)

Encrypted sword stats in Elden Ring

The Encrypted Sword is one of the best.Waffenthat Faith players can obtain. We're pretty sure it's worth traveling to the Coded Sword location in Elden Ring to get it. This is because this sword can inflict massive Holy damage on opponents. Would you like to try something new? Here's our guide to thoseBester Samurai-Build.

But that is not all. The sword has a unique ability called Unlockable Blade Ability. This ability is as impressive as the name suggests. This special attack breaks through enemy lines even if they block your attacks. But that's not all you get with this ability. It has a fractional range. This increases both the length and range of the sword, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with one hit. This ability can keep heavily armored enemies at bay. But the cost of this skill is 25 FP, which is quite high, but worth it.

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (6)

But that's not what makes this straight sword so amazing. Deals 85 holy damage with 100 critical damage. And to wield this sword, you only need 20 Faith.

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (7)

Arrive in Leyndell, the royal capital at the Elden Ring

If you haven't reached Leyndell yet and want to get to the location of the coded sword, don't worry, you're not lost. To reach Leyndell, Royal Capital, you have to fight two main story bosses and one mini-boss.

The main bosses you have to fight areGodrickthe grafted queen and renalla of the full moon. Without fighting them, the Leyndell area, Royal Capital, will not unlock. After fighting these two and before entering Leyndell in the Elden Ring, you must fight the Draconic Tree Sentinel.

So your task list to get the Encrypted Sword in Elden Ring should look like this:

  1. Defeat Godrick the Grafted.
  2. FailRennala, Queen of the Full Moon.
  3. Defeat the Guardian of the Dragon Tree.
  4. Enter Leyndell

Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted is the first boss you face. Normally players would have fought him if they wanted to advance to the next region. But if not, you'll have to fight him in Stormveil Castle to unlock the next region in Elden Ring. Despite being one of the first bosses in the game, Godrick managed to get to S tier in oursHalbgottList of Tiers of Elden Ring Boss.

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Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (8)

Godrick the Grafted is a multi-level boss. After defeating him, he drops the Great Rune of Godrick. If you want to use this rune's boost, you can take this rune to the Divine Tower, which is east of Stormveil Castle. After activating the Greater Rune, you can equip it at any Grace Site and for that you will need therune bow. The Greater Rune grants a +5 bonus to all attributes. It will be very useful in your journey. However, if you die, the Greater Rune boost will be disabled.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

Next, you must fight Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon. She is the second major boss fight in Elden Ring. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is a multi-stage boss. Rennala can be found in Raya Lucaria's Academy. Its first tier is easier to kill. In the second phase, she shows why she is a demigod.

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (9)

After beating both stages, you will get the Greater Rune of Rennala. Rennala is a hard-to-kill boss who has reached level A in our levelList of demigod boss levels.

Guardian of the Dragon Tree

Ok, after defeating the two bosses go to Leyndell, Royal Capital. You cannot enter through the main gate of Leyndell, Royal Capital to reach the Encrypted Sword location in Elden Ring. You must travel to the north of the royal city and enter through a small entrance.

But before entering the city, you will be greeted by the Dragon Tree Sentinel. The Dragon Tree Sentinel is not there to greet you, but to fight you. You cannot enter the city without fighting the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Draconic Tree Sentinel is an S tier boss according to oursFeldboss Ranking List. So make sure you are fully prepared to fight him. He can give you a tough challenge.

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough (10)

After defeating all three bosses you can finally enter Leyndell, Royal Capital and reach the location of the Coded Sword.


The Encrypted Sword is the perfect item if you follow thisbelief building. However, it doesn't require you to fight any of the bosses to get it. But getting to the location of the sword itself is quite difficult. You must get through a swarm of enemies in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Once you have this sword, you will become invincible. Nobody will be able to block your attacks. This greatly increases the damage output of your arsenal and helps you further in the game.

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