101 Best Christian Songs of All Time (2023)

Christian music spans decades. It spans many genres, from gospel to contemporary to metal. All the ways certainly sound different, but they all proclaim the same message, Jesus is real and He is the Savior of mankind through his death on the Cross to atone for our sins.

First, we found an amazing playlist of Top 50 Worship Songs on Spotify for you to listen to.

Best Christian Music Playlist

Our 101 Best Christian Songs

Here's our list of the top 101Christian songswas ever done.

101. Why Me, Lord - Kris Kristofferson

100. My Redeemer, My God - Aaron Shust

99. Revolutionary Song - Phillips, Craig and Dean

98. Rest on top of that mountain - Vince Gill

97. Thank you โ€“ Ray Boltz

96. Song of Life - Pour Crowns

95. As I contemplate the wondrous cross - Isaac Watts

94. Oh, Wolf-o - Band by David Crowder

93. My redeemer lives โ€“ Rueben Morgan

92. Redimidos - Big Daddy Weave

Biblical truth -(1 Samuel 18:6) When David returned home after defeating the Philistines, women from all the cities of Israel came to meet King Saul, singing and dancing, playing tambourines, singing songs of joy, and playing musical instruments.

91. Modified โ€“ Rascal Flatts

90. Sรญgueme - Leeland F/Brandon Heath

89. There Will Be a Day - Jeremy Camp

88. Great is his faithfulness - Thomas Chisholm

87th place in this world - Michael W. Smith

86. I Will Go Flying - Albert E. Brumley

85. What Faith Can Do - Kutless

84. Mountain Peak - The Harmony of the City

83. Wonderful God - Rich Mullins

82. While I Wait - John Waller

81. All Creation - Have Mercy

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80. Alone in Christ - Michael English

79. Old Rugged Cross - George Bennard

78. Open Hands - Matt Papa

77. God Gave Me You - Dave Barnes

76. 10,000 Reasons โ€“ Matt Redman

75. Hard As Pregos - Clay Jacobs

74. Trust and Obey - John H. Sammis

73. O Grande Amor - Robbie Seay Band

72. Jesus Takes the Wheel - Carrie Underwood

71. How Great Is Our God โ€“ Chris Tomlin

70. Concrete Angel โ€“ Martina McBride

69. That's What Love Is For - Amy Grant

68. Oh Redeemer - San Real

67. Witness Love - Avalon

66. That's right โ€“ Francesca Batistelli

Sixty-five.be my vision-Dallan Forgall

Biblical truth -(Romans 8:31) So what should we say about these things? If our God is for us, who can be against us?

64. On Your Knees โ€“ Jaci Velasquez

63. Calm my heart โ€“ Kari Jobe

62. Me and God โ€“ Josh Turner

61. Beautiful you โ€“ Jonny Diaz

60. Thy will be done โ€“ CeCe Winans

59. It's good for my soul - Philip Bliss

58. All the Time - Remedy Drive

57. Test of love - For king and country

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56. Something Beautiful - NEED TO BREATHE

55. Gib mir Jesus โ€“ Fernando Ortega

54. What I Know About the Sacred - Addison Road

53. Inside Out โ€“ Sleeping on the seventh day

52. After the world - student

51. Yo, Brooks & Dunn

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Top 50 - Best Christian Songs

50. Standing in the Rain - Supergirl

49. Bleached - August Burns Red

48. I Need You Every Hour - Annie S. Hawks

47. Starry Night โ€“ Chris August

46. โ€‹โ€‹Stronger - Mandisa

45. Salvation Is Here - Lincoln Brewster

44. In my arms - Plumb

43. A Life to Love - 33 miles

42. Three Wooden Crosses - Randy Travis

41. All the time โ€“ Britt Nicole

40. One thing remains - the culture of Jesus

39. Our God โ€“ Chris Tomlin

38. The Word of God Speaks โ€“ Mercy

37. Take me to beautiful Cloverton

36. I Need You To Love Me - Barlow Girl

35. First Line - Pilar

34. Blessing - Laura's Story

33. You Love Me Anyway - Sidewalk Prophets

32. A Closer Walk With You - Patsy Kline

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31. Don't waste your life - Lecrae

30. The Movements - Matthew West

29. How tall are you? -Carl Gustav Boberg/Stuart K. Hine

28. Where I Belong - Building 429

27. Creator of the Universe - Phil Keaggy

26. Heroes - Bread

25. Because He Lives - The Gaithers

24. Sir, I raise your name to High-Rick's funds

23. This Is Your Moment - Michael W. Smith

22. Atreva-se a se mover - Switchfoot

21. The City on its Knees โ€“ Toby Mac

"The truth" (Salmo 47:1) Applaud, peoples all! Cry out to God with loud songs of joy!

top 20 -best christian songs

20. Call My Name - Day Three

favorite letters-"When you feel like you're alone in your sadness and it seems like no one in the world cares. And you want to escape the madness. Just say my name and I'll be there."

Deluge 19 - Clay vessels

favorite letters-"But if after forty days I cannot swim and my spirit is crushed by the raging waves, pick me up so I don't fall. Catch me."

18. Jesus Freak - DC Talk

favorite letters-"What will people think when they hear I'm a Jesus fan? What will people do when they find out it's true?"

17. A Tu Lado โ€“ Tenth Avenue North

favorite letters-"Because I'll be by your side wherever you fall. In the still of the night, whenever you call. And please don't fight these hands that hold you. My hands hold you."

16. In the Name of the Lord โ€“ Sandi Patti

favorite letters-"And if we call on his name to show his strength through weakness. We can know that the master plan extends the hand of the master. If we come in the name of the Lord."

15. Buceo โ€“ Stephen Curtis Chapman

favorite letters-โ€œI dive, I go deeper, over my head I want to be caught by the current, lost in the current, over my head I want to go. The river is deep, the river is wide, the water in the river lives. So sink or swim, I dive."

14. How He Loves Me - John Mark McMillan

favorite letters-He's jealous of me, he loves me like a hurricane. I am a tree bent under the weight of his wind and his mercy.

13. Guide Me - Holy Royal

favorite letters-"So father, give me the strength to be all that I am called to be. Oh father, show me the way to lead them. Won't you guide me?"

12. Oh Lord, You Are Beautiful - Keith Green

favorite letters-โ€œI want to take his word and make it shine everywhere. But first, help me to live it, Lord. And if I'm fine, help me never look for a crown. Because my reward is to honor you.

11. God Is In Control - Long Paris

favorite letters-โ€œThis is not a time of fear, this is a time of faith and determination. Do not lose sight, here you let yourself be carried away by emotion. Hold on to everything you keep in your heart. There is one thing that will always be true. It is "holds the world together."

Top 10 - Best Christian Songs

10. Upside Down - Hillsong

favorite letters-"In my heart, in my soul, I put you in control. Consume me from within, Lord. May justice and praise become my embrace to love you from within."

9. He Rules - Journalists

favorite letters-โ€œIt is the song of the redeemed rising from the African plain. It is the song of the forgiven drowning the Amazon rain. The singing of Asian believers filled with the holy fire of God. It is from each tribe, from each language, from each nation that a love song is born, a grateful choir.


8. My Liberator - Rich Mullins

favorite letters-โ€œJoseph took his wife and son and they went to Africa. To escape the wrath of a mortal king here on the banks of the Nile, Jesus heard the song that the captive children used to sing, they sang... My deliverer is coming - my deliverer is ready."

7. El Shaddai - Amy Grant

favorite letters-โ€œWe will lift you high, El Shaddai. For your love and through the ram you saved the son of Abraham. With the power of your hand you turned the sea into dry land. To outcasts on their knees, you're the god who really sees."

6. Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath

favorite letters-"Looking down from a broken sky, scarred by city lights. My world a mile high. Best seat in the house tonight. Landed on the cold black tiles Going somewhere Why did I ever care?" ?

5. East to West - Molten Crowns

favorite letters-โ€œI start the day the war starts and I keep remembering my sin. Your truth is drowned out by the storm I'm in. Today I feel like I'm one mistake away from you leaving me like this."

4. Take Your Back - Jeremy Camp

favorite letters-โ€œSatisfy this cry of what I seek and I will take what I can and place it before the throne of infinite grace that now radiates what is true. I am the only place that erases all those errors that reached me. But I know your answer will always be, I'll take you back."

3. Made to Love - Chris Tomlin

favorite letters-"Before the day, before the light, before the world revolved around the sun. God on high descended in time and wrote the story of his love for all."

2. I can only imagine - Mercy Me

Formed in Greenville, Texas, Mercy Me, with the unique sound of frontman Bart Millard, has established itself as one of the most successful Christian bands of all time. The boys have released 7 studio albums since 2001. Their crowning glory remains their iconic hit from 12 years ago, "I Can Only Imagine," which also became a commercial success.

favorite letters-โ€œSurrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel? I will dance for you, Jesus, or I will still admire you. Will I stand in your presence or will I fall to my knees, will I sing Hallelujah, will I be able to speak, can I only imagine?

1.amazing graceโ€“ John Newton

This is the song of songs for the man/woman who is realizing for the first time who they are and who God is. It is full of truth and emotion that we can all relate to. The grace of God is the supreme gift to receive. His gift of grace has given us redemption through Christ on the cross. This song will always be a staple of Christian music.

favorite letters-"Amazing grace! How sweet is the sound that saved a wretch like me! Once I was lost, but now I am found. I was blind, but now I see."

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These are the 101 best Christian songs of all time. They all have great texts about our faith that can build us up and lead us to praise God. What songs would you have recorded? Did I miss something that should be here? God bless you!

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